Outrage After Michelle Obama Does THIS in Cathedral

Outrage After Michelle Obama Does THIS in Cathedral

Barack and Michelle Obama are still enjoying their vacation in Italy, enjoying a private villa in Tuscany, which they traveled to via private plane and a military escort of six fighter jets. Now, the couple is seeing the sights, which includes a stop in the Duomo di Siena, or the Siena Cathedral. Built centuries ago and consecrated in the year 1215, the cathedral has strict rules about attire for people visiting. Michelle Obama evidently didn’t get the message. And people are not happy.

Michelle showed up to the cathedral in a strappy white top with high-waisted pants. For a casual stroll around Italy, her outfit would have been just fine. But there was just one problem with her top: it was an off-shoulder shirt that she seemed to have trouble keeping on, as it continually fell down. And as these pictures show, it showed off a lot of skin:

The problem with this top? It directly violates the dress code to visit the Siena Cathedral, which requires no bare shoulders when visiting. As a former First Lady, Michelle should have known that. Or does she think she’s just above the rules?

Interestingly, Michelle is now being compared to current First Lady Melania Trump, who is accompanying her husband, Donald Trump, on his first presidential overseas visit, which includes stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel and Vatican City. Melania, as opposed to Michelle, made sure to dress conservatively and appropriately for the occasion and is being applauded for it:

It seems that Michelle could take a few pointers from Melania.

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