Outrage After Michelle Obama Does THIS

Michelle Obama seems to have absolutely no regard for the lives of regular people like you and me. This was made more than obvious after her schedule caused the officials at Jackson State University to reschedule the date and time of their graduation ceremony, TWICE.


From The Daily Caller:

t’s commencement season, America, and you know what that means: Michelle Obama is screwing up a bunch of ordinary people’s lives again.

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This year, the first lady has caused hassle and hardship for many families of seniors graduating from Jackson State University, reports local ABC affiliate WAPT-TV.

To accommodate Obama’s schedule, officials at the historically black school in the capital of Mississippi have rescheduled the graduation ceremony from April 30 to April 23. They’ve also moved the time — twice, angry parents say.

“We got notice 30 days out that it’s being changed to April 23,” mom Diana Kimbrough told WAPT-V. “Initially it was going to be 8 a.m., then it changed to 10 a.m., then it changed to 3 p.m.”

Kimbrough said some 60 relatives wanted to converge on campus — some from places far-flung — to watch her son walk across the graduation stage. That’s no longer possible, she says.

“Now we’re being told that only 15 people out of this party of over 60 adults and multiple children are coming to Jackson for this graduation,” Kimbrough told the ABC affiliate. “We can only get 15 tickets.”

Additionally, Jackson State officials have decided to wrap up the semester a week early to accommodate Obama. It’s not clear if students will lose any class time as a result.

“We are so honored here at Jackson State to have been chosen for this honor, to actually host the first lady of the United States,” school spokeswoman Elayne Anthony told WAPT-TV.

“Everyone is extremely excited about participating,” JSU vice president for research and federal relations Loretta A. Moore added.

School officials say they will provide any extra tickets to this month’s commencement ceremony of a first-come, first-serve basis.

Well as long as her highness is comfortable, I guess that’s all that matters. Sorry, guests who couldn’t attend because they only took a certain day off and Michelle moved the date, maybe next time!

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