Ted Cruz Stops Speech and Walks Away in Support of Israel (Video)

Ted Cruz Stops Speech and Walks Away in Support of Israel (Video)

The vein of hatred towards Israel and the Jews runs deep in the Middle East, even among so-called Christians. When Ted Cruz spoke to a group of Middle Eastern Christians in Washington, D.C. and implored them to support Israelis, their response was so distasteful that Cruz stopped his speech and left.


Cruz was the key note speaker at the In Defense of Christians conference for Middle East Christians in Washington D.C. He began his speech by decrying all forms of religious bigotry.

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“Religious bigotry is a cancer with many manifestations,” he said, and then began to name organizations like “ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas,” and nations that sponsor terrorism.

Because these same organizations call for the elimination of Israel and the Jewish people, Cruz added that “Christians have no greater ally than Israel,” at which point the audience of so-called Christians began to boo and yell back at him.

The yelling and general disorder continued as Cruz continued his speech, but eventually he had enough. “If you will not stand with Israel and the Jews,” he said. “Then I will not stand with you. Good night, and God bless.”

With that, Cruz likely forfeited whatever speaking fees he had been promised to make a strong statement for America’s strongest ally in the Middle East while simultaneously pointing out the hypocrisy of his supposedly Christian audience.

Evidently, a Muslim genocide against Christians and Yazidis is unacceptable, but the same genocide against Israelis is totally cool. And these people call themselves Christians? They should be ashamed of themselves.

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