Women’s Hands Chopped Off by Islamic State for Cell Phone Use

Women’s Hands Chopped Off by Islamic State for Cell Phone Use

Please tell me more about how ISIS is totally tolerant of those that are different from them and doesn’t suppress the rights of women. Give me a break, would ya? Weasel Zippers reports:


Via Independent:
Isis have reportedly cut off the hands of three women as punishment for unknown charges and publicly flogged men for using mobile phones.

In the group’s stronghold of Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, militants are said to have banned the use of private mobiles amid fears residents could act as informants to the US-led coalition bombing Isis positions.

A source told Iraqi News: “(On Thursday) evening, the Isis militants cut three women’s hands off for unknown charges.

“They also whipped five people for using cellphones to contact their relatives while standing on the celebration stage in the Cultural Compound in central Mosul.”

The group, which seized control of Mosul in June last year, has reportedly issued a decree threatening anyone caught using mobile phones with 30 lashes.

Of course, militants also whipped 5 men, due to the ‘violation’ of the ridiculous law that bans private cell phone use. The law is in place due to paranoia that somehow there could be informants to the US. We all should pray for these people living in absolute oppression under a reign of terror.

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