Blinded U.S. Marine Furious With Trudeau For Gifting Terrorist $10.5 Million [VIDEO]

Blinded U.S. Marine Furious With Trudeau For Gifting Terrorist $10.5 Million [VIDEO]

This is treacherous and unforgivable. I don’t blame the Canadians for this… I blame Justin Trudeau, their prime minister. A 15 year-old terrorist in Afghanistan, years ago, threw a grenade at US troops as they were trying to take down Bin Laden’s money man. It killed one Marine and blinded another.

That kid was the youngest terrorist to ever be sent to Guantanamo, where he served a couple of years and then Obama sent him to Canada to serve out a paltry seven-year sentence. What did the Canadians do? Well, they let him go. And in a secretive move kept from the Canadian people, Trudeau issued an apology to the thug and gave him $10.5 million in reparations. He sped the process up so no one could stop him. That’s obscene.

Sgt. Layne Morris blasted Trudeau over this weaselly move. Trudeau has never even called the blinded Marine. Former Prime Minister Harper did however, to apologize for what Trudeau did. Both Morris and the widow of the other Marine sued the Jihadist and won millions they will never collect because he is Canadian. A piece of shrapnel took out Morris’ right eye and ended his military career. Chris Speer lost his life. Omar Khadr is now a millionaire – where in a sane world does that make any kind of sense?

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From The Daily Caller:

A former U.S. Marine who was blinded during a firefight in Afghanistan blasted Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Tuesday night for awarding $10.5 million to a terrorist involved in the skirmish.

Sgt. Layne Morris was blinded by a piece of shrapnel during a 2002 attack in Afghanistan, while his fellow soldier, Chris Speer, was killed by a grenade thrown by Canadian-born Omar Khadr.

15 year-old Khadr was detained at Guantanamo Bay but later filed suit against the Canadian government, claiming his confession to killing Speer was made under duress. Instead of fighting the suit in court, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently opted to pay Khadr a settlement of $10.5 million.

During a Tuesday night interview on Fox News with Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson, Sgt. Morris slammed Trudeau, asking, “what kind of sick and twisted ivory tower [does he] live in?”

Tucker Carlson ripped Trudeau a new one over all this. He’s right… it is sick and twisted elitism. And Trudeau seems to have a very special love for Jihadists. “I don’t think you have to be Canadian or America to say, ‘okay, there’s a guy out there who killed a U.S. soldier, and now you’re gonna give him 10.5 million dollars because he was lonely at Guantanamo?’” Morris asserted. “How that balances out as justice is just beyond me.” This kid was not abused at Guantanamo in the least as Trudeau claims. The worst that happened to him there is sleep deprivation, which most of us live through every night. Boo hoo. He got special meals, special prayer sessions, sports, TV… just all the pampering an Islamic killer could ask for.

I just simply cannot imagine what Speer’s wife is going through. This must tear her up inside. “To protect [Khadr], that’s really reopening a wound,” Morris said. “I feel bad for Chris Speer’s wife…it’s gotta be tough for her to see the Canadian government open that wound.” Shame on Trudeau. I love Canada and the Canadian people, but right now, Canada’s leadership is not acting like an ally. They are acting like they have surrendered to Islamic extremists. Trudeau rewarded a Jihadist who killed and maimed Americans. That’s the actions of an enemy.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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