BOOM! Marines Send TERRORISTS Scathing Message [VIDEO]

BOOM! Marines Send TERRORISTS Scathing Message [VIDEO]

There’s a reason that it’s called terrorism. It’s because ISIS, and terrorist groups like them, use fear and propaganda as a means to intimidate people into getting what they want. With ISIS and other Islamic terrorists, what they want is to force people to convert to Islam and live their lives subservient to their Muslim rulers. Anyone who refuses is branded an infidel and faces death. ISIS even puts out hit lists of those who they want to target for their non-belief.


While the notion of being put on a terrorist hit list may strike fear into most people’s hearts, Marines aren’t bothered in the slightest. They welcome it, actually, because if the terrorists try to attack the Marines, then they don’t have to worry about hunting them down. Not only are they not intimidated, they’re rubbing their lack of intimidation in the terrorists’ faces.

A series of billboards have been erected across the nation to let terrorists know that Marines are ready for them. And it surely will make terrorists think twice before taking on the United States Marine Corps:


Considering how many terrorist attacks the United States has seen over the past year, there couldn’t be a better time for the Marine Corps to send this message to the terrorists. Liberals were furious over it naturally, but they will bend over backwards to placate terrorists and will do everything they can to prevent Americans from being able to defend themselves. Who cares what they think?

And this message drives a stake right through the heart of the terrorist agenda. Remember, what they want is to make people afraid. These billboards show that not only are the Marines not afraid, they’re ready to take the fight to the terrorists. If we’re not afraid, then the terrorists lose.

Sorry, ISIS. Game over.

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