BREAKING: ISIS Threatens Massive U.S. Air Base – God Save Them

BREAKING: ISIS Threatens Massive U.S. Air Base – God Save Them

We have received a warning that one of our major U.S. Air Bases has in fact been threatened by ISIS. Intelligence gathered has reported that ISIS has collected information on 77 U.S. and NATO Air Force facilities all around the globe. They are now calling on supporters to attack them. This is what we have learned so far.


From CNN:

The terror group has also released information on individuals in 21 countries, including the personal details of one employee of a South Korean welfare organization, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) said in a statement Sunday.

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That person is now under protection, the agency said.

The NIS says ISIS’ hacking organization, the United Cyber Caliphate, collected details of U.S. air force units in South Korea including Osan Air Base, and addresses and Google satellite maps have been released through the Telegram messaging service.

In its statement Sunday, the NIS warned that “terror against South Korean citizens and foreigners in this country is becoming a reality.”

President Obama continues to claim that ISIS is contained and paying them any further attention will only feed their terror. We don’t need to pay attention to them! We just need to DESTROY them! This is not about killing them with kindness and quite frankly, I’m pissed that Obama is not taking the lead here! Now our bases are being threatened? That’s family, friends and our heroes that ISIS dares to threaten! Obama is not fit to protect this nation and command our warriors. He’s weak and he’s a coward. There are no answers in D.C. now. Pray for our heroic men and women who serve our country, that if the time comes, they will see the enemy coming from miles away and be ready for them.

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