BREAKING: Obama Issues Despicable Order to Military

BREAKING: Obama Issues Despicable Order to Military

It feels like, with Obama, the hits just keep coming! Especially for our Military men and women. This is no exception either. Now he is doing something that, well…you’re about to find out.


From Allen West:

We recently shared with you an interesting tidbit about the number of senior general officers serving in Iraq — quite top heavy for a deployed force of only 4,087. And let’s be honest, deploying Apache helicopters isn’t about training anyone; it’s an offensive weapon system.

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So where is the liberal progressive media addressing the fact that Obama is conducting combat operations in Iraq — which he had definitively stated were ended in that theater of operations?

Also, we shared with you the report of ISIS losing ground in Syria — namely Palmyra — due to the resurging Syrian Army backed by the Iranian Quds force and Russian fighter aircraft. The other pressure coming against ISIS is at the hands of the Kurdish Peshmerga, who have received no direct support from the Obama administration. As a result, the Kurds have gone to Russia for additional support.

“The advise-and-assist teams — made up of about a dozen troops each — would embed with Iraqi brigades and battalions, putting them closer to the fight, and at greater risk from mortars and rocket fire. They would have security forces with them.

Putting the U.S. teams with Iraqi forces closer to the battlefront will allow them to provide more tactical combat advice as the Iraqi units move toward Mosul, the country’s second-largest city. Until now, U.S. advisers have worked with the Iraqis at the headquarters level, well back from the front lines.”

We shared with you the story three weeks ago about the ISIS attack on a U.S. firebase where a Marine was killed and nine others wounded. My point is that regardless of the weapons and troops being deployed, if they don’t have the correct rules of engagement, they’re only being thrown into a cauldron of fire with their hands tied.

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Obama is no leader, it’s as simple as that. We voted him in and now it’s his playground…this is awful.

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