BREAKING: Senate Rules With HISTORIC Decision On Navy SEAL After Trump’s Speech!

BREAKING: Senate Rules With HISTORIC Decision On Navy SEAL After Trump’s Speech!

Donald Trump has been slowly building his cabinet as the confirmation process continues on. And now, he has a new Secretary of the Interior, as the Senate just voted to confirm a former Navy SEAL into the position.


Rep. Ryan Zinke, R-MT, was confirmed with a 68-31 Senate vote. 17 Democrats joined Republicans in voting for Zinke, who said his priority would be addressing the backlog of maintenance needed at the country’s national parks, as well as implementing a multi-use strategy to allow for other uses along with recreation.

The appointment was cheered by multiple groups, including the NRA:

Donald Trump also praised the Senate for their vote and also praised Zinke for his record of public service. “He has built one of the strongest track records on championing regulatory relief, forest management, responsible energy development and public land issues,” Trump said. “As a former Navy SEAL, he has incredible leadership skills and an attitude of doing whatever it takes to win. America is the most beautiful country in the world and he is going to help keep it that way with smart management of our federal lands. At the same time, my administration’s goal is to repeal bad regulations and use our natural resources to create jobs and wealth for the American people, and Ryan will explore every possibility for how we can safely and responsibly do that.”

Zinke spoke of his fondness for America’s national parks and of his desire to protect the lands he grew up on.

“As someone who grew up in a logging and rail town and hiking in Glacier National Park, I am honored and humbled to be asked to serve Montana and America as Secretary of Interior,” he said. “As inscribed in the stone archway of Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner, Mont., I shall faithfully uphold Teddy Roosevelt’s belief that our treasured public lands are ‘for the benefit and enjoyment of the people.’ I will work tirelessly to ensure our public lands are managed and preserved in a way that benefits everyone for generations to come.”

In addition to protecting America’s national parks, Zinke also spoke of his desire to assist Native Americans, many of whom still live on reservations where poverty and alcoholism is rife. “Most important, our sovereign Indian Nations and territories must have the respect and freedom they deserve” he said. “I look forward to making the Department of Interior and America great again. May God bless Montana, God bless America and God bless the troops who defend her.”

Do you think Ryan Zinke will do a good job?

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