Chilling: ISIS Releases End of the World Video… Shows Final Battle with ‘Crusaders’

Chilling: ISIS Releases End of the World Video… Shows Final Battle with ‘Crusaders’

ISIS has released a new apocalyptic video that claims it shows the final battle with crusaders in Dabiq. The town was the site of the battle of Marj Dabiq in 1516, in which the Ottoman Empire decisively defeated the Mamluk Sultanate. In Islamic eschatology, it is believed that Dabiq is one of two possible locations for an epic battle between invading Christians and the defending Muslims which will result in a Muslim victory and mark the beginning of the end of the world. The Islamic State believes Dabiq is where an epic and decisive battle will take place with Christian forces of the West and have named their online magazine after the village. The name of the video is ‘Meeting at Dabiq.’ It shows ISIS advancing towards the Colosseum in a propagandic image depicting the armies of Rome.


From the Mirror:

ISIS has released chilling new footage depicting its apocalyptic vision of the end of the world.

It has titled the video ‘Meeting at Dabiq’ which refers to the location of a final battle between the ‘Crusaders’ and the ‘Believers’.

The video also shows an ISIS ‘armoured unit’ advancing towards the Colosseum in reference to the ‘armies of Rome’.

In the footage the terrorist organisation shows a dead fighter being kissed by his comrades, a Jihadi on horseback trying to look like a honourable soldier and groups of men with the majority too scared to show their faces to the camera.

The propaganda video then shows a convoy of cars driving at sunset, before switching to a man raising the black and white flag of ISIS.

It then moves on to show the ISIS flag over Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Iraq before parading the flags of the countries it has decided, ISIS is at war with.

The British flag is one of 60 on the screen.

There is another video as well and in it the US is directly threatened. So are major cities across the globe. DC, New York, Paris and Moscow are targeted. This video emerged just one day after MPs voted to launch air strikes against ISIS in Syria. One Jihadist says the “revenge has started” and the “blood will flow.” He then adds: “France was the beginning. Tomorrow will be Washington. It will be New York and it will be Moscow.” ISIS also released another video yesterday dubbed The Knights of the Shahadda 2. The video mainly focuses on an interview by a German foreign fighter. Suicide bombers are highlighted in these videos and men are decked out as warriors. In Islamic eschatology as found in the Hadith, the area of Dabiq is mentioned as a place of some of the events of the Muslim Malahim (which would equate to the Christian apocalypse, or Armageddon). Looks like the death cult is about to go End of Days on us.







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