Female Kurdish Soldiers Fighting ISIS Explain Why They Wear Make-Up & Lipstick on the Battlefield

Female Kurdish Soldiers Fighting ISIS Explain Why They Wear Make-Up & Lipstick on the Battlefield

As we half-heartedly fight radical Islam, many others do the heavy lifting to try and defeat ISIS and the savages they inspire. Kurdish militias continue to wage war against the fanatic murderers and an all-female group of Kurdish fighters continues to do so in style, reminding the rest of the world that in order to fight radical Islam, we must stay true to who we are and be okay with being absolutely hated.


From the Mirror:

A brave all-female fighting force waging war against the murderous fanatics of ISIShas a deadly new weapon – make up.

The Kurdish militias in northern Iraq have earned the seething hatred of the terror group, which sees women as objects to be enslaved, raped and terrorised.

But despite their grim and dangerous task, the Peshmerga (meaning “those who face death”) women currently training with British soldiers to defend the vitally important Mosul Dam want to look beautiful in case they are killed.

Ahd Mohemed, 36, does her eyebrows, applies mascara and lipstick and paints her nails before strapping on her deadly assault rifle.

“I always put on lipstick before I go on the frontline,” she told the Daily Mail.

“When we fight we want to look pretty. If I die, I want to die looking pretty.”

Soldiers from 1st Battalion, The Rifles, are giving three-week basic infantry courses to the Kurd female militias.

Lieutenant Colonel Oz Lane, the commander of the 80 UK trainers, said: “What the female peshmerga are really proud of is their war fighting skills.

“Now it is about showing them what they can bring in terms of operational capability on the battlefield, in addition to just being really good at fighting Daesh .”

As well as the threat posed by the women’s bravery and skill on the battlefield, the militants are terrified that dying at the hands of a female will stop them from reaching heaven.

The 2nd Battalion, a 500-strong force based in Sulaymaniyah in Kurdistan, northern Iraq, is led by Colonel Nahida Ahmad Rashid.

“It’s a weapon for us,” she told The Sun.

“They don’t like to be killed by us.”

However, she says her soldiers must never allow themselves to be captured by ISIS, usually contemptuously called ‘ Daesh ‘ in the Middle East, as they face torture and rape at their hands.

In fact, her fighters are always careful to leave a bullet in their weapons to use on themselves if it looks like they will be taken.

Weaklings like Barack Obama cower and try to change America’s military to be more sensitive to the plight of radical jihadists, others with more grit have taken the opposite approach. These young women are doing what they want and fighting to the death to stop these fanatics and simultaneously, they are reminding these backwards savages that women are not merely sexual objects, but strong women who will not bow to the demands of terrorists.

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