Frat Boys Behave Like Hippies, Spit on Wounded Vet

When a couple of rowdy frat boys at the University of Oklahoma used the forbidden N-word, the media storm went on for weeks. But I doubt this will make a big splash in the news:

Investigations have been launched at two universities over accusations that fraternity members taunted wounded war heroes, urinated on an American flag, and spit on a wounded veteran and his service dog in Panama City Beach, Florida.

The April 17 incident, involving Zeta Beta Tau fraternity members from the University of Florida and Emory University, has infuriated residents of Panama City.

“They were being treated like the Vietnam veterans were treated,” said Linda Cope, the founder of the Warrior Beach Retreat.

Why not? The hippies who spat on troops returning from Vietnam are the establishment now.

There were local reports of frat boys throwing beer on veterans and ripping an American flag out of the ground.

Zeta Beta Tau kicked out three members and suspended activities over the incident. It is doubtful whether there will be serious repercussions from the schools involved, in stark contrast to the draconian punishments inflicted over the Oklahoma N-word users.

The key to youthful rebelliousness is to express it in ways approved by the authorities. Otherwise you could get expelled from school.

Now they’ve got frat boys doing it.

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