Hillary Makes Despicable Announcement About Benghazi [VIDEO]

Hillary Makes Despicable Announcement About Benghazi [VIDEO]

Horrible Hillary is up to her old tricks. Scott Pelley asked her about Benghazi, her response is nothing short of disrespectful and pathetic. She is obviously a liar, she looks down when she is telling one of her fibs and has her nervous laugh that starts up. It’s annoying that this woman is even outside of a jail cell right now!

2016-07-25 10_31_49-UNREAL_ Hillary Talks Benghazi on '60 Minutes', Says 'It was Not My'...

From Young Conservatives:

Even though Hillary was secretary of state when four men were relentlessly attacked by radical Islamic jihadists for 13 hours in Libya on 9/11/12, she claims ‘it was not my ball to carry.’

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From The Blaze:

“When this happened in Benghazi, I immediately stood up an independent committee – distinguished Americans, military and civilian experts,” she said. “They came out and they said, ‘You know, the ball was dropped – in security. And, you know, some of the decisions that were made, probably should have been rethought.’”

CBS’s Scott Pelley then interjected: “But wasn’t that your ball to carry?”

“No it wasn’t. It was not my ball to carry,” Clinton responded. “Read the reports, read all of the reports — all many hundreds of pages of them.”

Notice how she’s taking responsibility without “taking responsibility?”

Um, yeah. I know I was in charge, but ya know what? It’s done with. Nothing we can do now. I mean, let it go already. I fully accept responsibility, Scott (wink).

If only Clinton would follow Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s lead and walk away.

That would never happen, though. That would be the responsible thing to do after committing such an awful crime. All she does is deny the truth and lie about what happened. What a disrespectful piece of crap. Hillary is a horrible person all the way around. So when anything new comes out about her doing something utterly horrid, it’s like what else is new? This woman is totally going to hell!

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