Hispanic Army Veteran ASSAULTED In Sam’s Club For Wearing Trump Hat…VIDEO

Hispanic Army Veteran ASSAULTED In Sam’s Club For Wearing Trump Hat…VIDEO

Politics has a tendency to get pretty heated, but I could never imagine assaulting someone, let alone an Army vet, for their political opinions. This is disgusting, reprehensible and cowardly.


From Western Journalism:

A 67-year-old Hispanic Army veteran was assaulted as a result of his choice of apparel: a “Make America Great Again” hat in support of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

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The incident took place July 30 at a Sam’s Club in Brandon, Fla.

Ricardo Garcia told WTVT in Tampa that he was in the meat department of the store when he had to sneeze.

A gentleman standing to his side said, “Bless you.” Another man near him said, “I can not give you a blessing, because you’re wearing that stupid hat.”

Confused, Garcia asked, “What’s wrong with the hat?”

When the man remarked it was a Trump hat, Garcia said he jokingly told him the hat was his, not Trump’s.

WTSP reported the man said, “Ah, you go for Trump, I don’t like it.” To which Garcia responded, “Well, you can go for Hillary and I don’t like that, but that’s the way it is.”

Garcia then turned away from the man to avoid a confrontation, when he suddenly felt an impact to his head. The impact knocked the hat from his head and turned his glasses sideways.

Watch the video below:

The man was later arrested in another aisle of the store, thank goodness. I may not like Trump, but I would never do this to someone simply because they are exercising their freedom to voice their support for whomever they please.

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