JUST IN: Navy Heads To N. Korea – Mattis About To Put Kim Jong-Un In CHECK!

JUST IN: Navy Heads To N. Korea – Mattis About To Put Kim Jong-Un In CHECK!

Secretary of Defense Mattis has had just about enough of Kim Jong-Un’s petulant whining and he’s making moves to quiet him down.

He is demanding that North Korea change the path of its nuclear weapon capabilities, or face the wrath of the United States Navy.

Mattis is claiming that Washington is in the middle of negotiating a deal with “international partners in order to defuse the situation” and says that North Korea changing its behavior is “an agreed position among the international community nations that are working together on this.”

This comes as Trump tweets out his confidence in China’s ability to handle North Korea and keep them from doing something that they will quickly come to regret.

Of course despite the overwhelming pressure from the international community, North Korea is dedicated to acting like a total ass. They are claiming that the “current grim situation” explains and justifies its “self-defensive and pre-emptive strike capabilities with the nuclear force at the core.”

They also released a statement saying that they “will make the US fully accountable for the catastrophic consequences that may be brought about by its high-handed and outrageous acts.”

Mattis has also dismissed the significance of the United States sending the USS Carl Vinson to North Korea, the vessel has the capability to unleash a major strike on whomever so much as sneezes the wrong way. It is carrying 60 planes and is being escorted by “guided-missile destroyers USS Wayne E. Meyer and USS Michael Murphy and the guided-missile cruiser USS Lake Champlain,” according to Western Journalism.

Essentially, Mattis is calling out North Korea for allowing their mouths to write checks their butts can’t cash, but he’s coming to collect anyway. It’s good to know we have adults in charge who aren’t allowing themselves to be intimidates by an overgrown child in his father’s shoes.

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