Liberals FREAK OUT After Veteran Sets Up A “Muslim Free” Zone

Liberals FREAK OUT After Veteran Sets Up A “Muslim Free” Zone

The left loves to pretend that they are beacons of tolerance, but the left cannot abide allowing businesses or people to conduct themselves in accordance with their religious or political belief systems. A veteran recently placed a sign outside his home indicating that his property was a “Muslim-free” zone and predictably, the left is freaking out.


From the Conservative Tribune:

The same liberals who see nothing wrong with Black Lives Matter movement events that ban white people from attendance went haywire last week when a Vermont man reportedly placed a “Muslim Free Zone” sign on his private property — and demanded that the police force the man to remove it.

Unfortunately for them, the authorities in resident Troy Maxham’s town of Roxbury refused courtesy something proud patriots like to call the First Amendment.

“Local officials have said there’s nothing they can do about the sign because it’s considered free speech protected by the First Amendment,” The Barre Montpelier Times Argus explained.

Sorry liberals, but what’s good for the Black Lives Matter movement is also good for Maxham, a veteran who said he distrusts Muslims.


— Imogen☽✪☾ ن✝✡☠ (@swtimogenation) April 12, 2016

The issue originally arose because the U.S. Army veteran lives close to a major state highway, meaning a lot of people see his sign every day.

So what? The sign’s message only applies to Maxham’s home. Moreover, forcing him to remove the sign would be a violation of his First Amendment right. Yeah, sorry, but Americans also value the right to free speech, Miss Logan.

Speaking of which, one resident responded to the veteran’s sign in a far more ingenious way — by making his own signs that promote tolerance and asking residents throughout town if they would put one up on their property.

Residents do not have to like the sign, but the fact is that this is America and a man should not need permission from others to exercise his freedom of speech.

If neighbors feel otherwise, they are welcomed to create their own signs. Until then, hopefully they can stop whining and leave this man in peace.


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