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War Powers!

“44 has not sought, and Congress has not provided, authorization for the introduction or continued involvement of Great Satan’s Armed Forces in Libya.:  Congress has the constitutional prerogative to withhold funding for any unauthorized use of Great Satan’s Armed Forces, including for unauthorized chicanery regarding Libya.”

Whee! So what? 44’s predecessors have sweetly ignored the War Powers Act ever since it’s big debut way back in the Before Time (1973 for the Xians).

L”Stache Grand:

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“Rightly so, given the statute’s manifest unconstitutionality. Undoubtedly, 44’s approach in Libya has grown increasingly incoherent even as NATO slowly comes closer to achieving the one legitimate nat’l security interest involved: overthrowing Colonel Khadaffy”

And that discombobulation is totally uncool:

“…First, 44’s objectives in Libya have been unclear and contradictory, and they have shifted over time. Declaring that the use of force was to protect Libyan civilians – not to topple Colonel K. Today, however, the obvious military objective is the removal of the Libyan leader but, apparently, not to admit it publicly, and to accomplish it slowly and ineffectively.

“…Had Colonel K’s downfall been the initial, unambiguous objective and had 44 moved swiftly and decisively, our intervention likely would have been concluded successfully by now and we could be working to secure a pro-Western successor regime.

“…Second, aversion to Great Satan’s leadership and his decision to retreat behind the facade of NATO and the U.N. Security Council was clearly mistaken. No one was fooled about America’s continuing central role militarily, but the charade has impeded finishing the job. 44’s weakness and indecisiveness continue to risk having Libya descend into anarchy or split into two states and undercut our credibility and commitment elsewhere.

“…Third, as last week’s near-debacle in the House showed regarding Libya, 44 seems unwilling to defend and explain his policies, implying a dangerous lack of confidence or interest in his own leadership. By inexplicably not attempting to rally fellow Donkies to support his actions in Libya, he risked a self-inflicted political wound that could have undermined our nat’l sec policy in many other international arenas.

“…Even worse, particularly when it comes to impending decisions on Great Satan’s force levels in Afghanistan, is the possibility that 44 or his White House staff actually agree more with the anti-war Democrats than with our war-fighting generals. It is as if 44’s heart is not truly in the military effort in Afghanistan that he has commanded these past 2 1/2 years.

“…Either explanation is deeply troubling.

Pic – “Crazy! Do what I want when I feel like it!”

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