Marine In Serious Trouble With Obama Administration For Sharing Unsecured E-Mail In An Attempt To Save Lives

The Hillary Clinton e-mail mess has already been compared to the sad story of David Petraeus’ downfall. Now we have another story by way of Hillary comparisons

A U.S. Marine was facing discharge from the Corps for sending a classified document from his personal email account. The email was intended to help save lives.

The reason Marine Reserves Maj. Jason Brezler allegedly acted in a manner unbefitting a Marine was due to a notice he received from a colleague about Sarwar Jan, a narcotics and arms trafficker who regularly does business with the Taliban.

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Jan was a protege of an accused drug lord with connections to then-Afghani President Hamid Karzi but had been pushed out of his post as a district police chief by Brezler and Marine Maj. Andrew Terrell.

So when Brezler received an email from Terrell in 2012 to his Yahoo account that read, “IMPORTANT: SARWAR JAN IS BACK!!!” he knew just how dangerous this revelation could turn out to be.

Terrell requested information about Jan because he thought it could prove useful to bringing him down again. Brezler immediately sent the requested document without giving thought to its classified status.

“I just reacted the same way that I would in a gunfight; the same way I would at a fire,” he said in court papers. “I just immediately reacted.”

Brezler has been deployed four times to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ultimately, the paper being sent did not prevent the killing of the nine Marines that Terrell and Brezler hoped to avert, and Brezler was reprimanded for the security breach (H/T

Maj. Brezler might have been better served going through channels, and had the result been to actually save those nine lives he might well have been treated differently, but it seems his motive for the unsecured e-mail is a bit more noble than whatever it was that drove Mrs. Clinton’s serial security breaches from her private server.

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