Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Lays Into Michael Moore for ‘Coward’ Comment: “I’d Have Loved to See Him Say That to Chris’s Face”

Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Lays Into Michael Moore for ‘Coward’ Comment: “I’d Have Loved to See Him Say That to Chris’s Face”

Michael Moore’s comment calling Chris Kyle, and other snipers, “cowards” has the rotund filmmaker backpedaling as fast as his chubby legs can carry him, thanks to the overwhelming backlash against him. The latest person to chime in is Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, who wrote an open letter to Moore slamming him for his remarks and saying that he would have loved to see Moore say that to Kyle’s face.

dakota meyer

I’m sure that his grandfather who died serving this country is rolling over in his grave knowing that his grandson is using him to justify him calling U.S. service men cowards. I’d be willing to bet that at some point during his grandfather’s service, he was watched over by U.S. snipers, and probably had his life saved more than once by U.S. snipers during the war.

I served as a Marine sniper for three years, and I believe the film American Sniper depicted what we do perfectly. A sniper’s primary goal is to eliminate ground threats for U.S. guys on the ground. Is that what a coward is? A person whose goal is to save the lives of his warrior brothers?

No, cowards are people who didn’t have the guts to serve, and are happy to sit back in a free and protected country and call our service members cowards. I find it funny that this Moore guy would only say this after Chris Kyle was killed. I’d have loved to see him say that to Chris’s face.

Look, I’ve never seen a Michael Moore movie and sure don’t plan to. I’d call on everyone to boycott this idiot’s films. Don’t embrace or support his ignorance.

What would I do if I owned a Michael Moore DVD? I’d set it up out back and set my cowardly sniper skill on it.

It’s really ridiculous that someone like Michael Moore, who has contributed nothing to society beyond possibly single-handedly keeping the Little Debbie corporation in operation, has the gall to attack military snipers as cowards when he has never done anything for another human being in his life. Maybe this will serve as a lesson to him to think before he opens his big mouth again — most Americans are going to side with our troops over an obese has-been filmmaker responsible for biased documentaries that no one actually saw.

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