While Media Hammered Trump for ‘Only’ Giving $5.6 MILLION to Vets, Here’s What They Ignored…

While Media Hammered Trump for ‘Only’ Giving $5.6 MILLION to Vets, Here’s What They Ignored…

A lot of people think that Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is taking an unfair amount of abuse from the media over the veteran donation “scandal.” Trump would like you to know that while he may not have been able to give the full $6M he had quoted, it isn’t NEARLY as bad as what the Clinton’s have (or haven’t) done for vets.


From Allen B. West:

Remember months ago when Donald Trump skipped one of the Republican primary debates to hold his own fundraiser for veterans instead?

During a press conference yesterday journalists hounded Trump over where those funds went, questioning Trump over why it took him so long to donate the money. One veteran took to the stage to defend Trump, noting that there are plenty of “scam” charities out there, and that donating requires due diligence. In all, Trump has given $5.6 million to veterans’ groups.

That’s a stark contrast to his opponent. Breitbart reports:

According to recent public records of the Clinton Family Foundation, the family donated $25,000 in 2009, $20,000 in 2010, $5,000 in 2011, $15,000 in 2012, and in 2014, they donated $5,000.

Find out how much Hillary Clinton’s given to the veterans,” Trump dared reporters gathered at Trump Tower yesterday. “Nothing.”

It’s not literally nothing – but compared to Trump’s $5.6 million, it is statistically. Still, Mrs. Clinton is verrrry supportive of veterans.

The Clintons, however, have funneled millions of their charitable dollars to the Clinton Foundation, an organization that does not disclose its donations publicly. The Clinton Foundation did not respond to a request for detailed donations to veterans and military groups.

In total, the Clintons made $70,000 in donations to veterans groups. It should be noted however, that over a third of that sum, $25,000, went to a veterans’ golf course.

Should Trump receive more credit for what he did to help veterans?

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