Mike Pence Surprises Troops In Afghanistan – Gives Them Beautiful Christmas Message [VIDEO]

Mike Pence Surprises Troops In Afghanistan – Gives Them Beautiful Christmas Message [VIDEO]

During a surprise visit to Afghanistan to wish the troops Merry Christmas, Mike Pence spoke to the troops at the Bagram Airfield with a message directly from Donald Trump.

Pence said that before he left the Oval Office on Wednesday, he asked Trump if he had a message for the troops:

“He looked at me without hesitation from behind the Resolute Desk, and he said, tell them I love them.”

The Vice President added “and during this special season, I know that President Trump was speaking for every American.”

He went on to say that the troops are in the hearts of the American people and that “in gatherings large and small all across the country… there will be a place saved at the dinner table for every one of you.”

The trip had been kept a secret for security’s sake and it marks the first time Pence has been to Afghanistan as the Vice President. A few months ago, and mentioned again just today as Trump signed signed the new Tax Cut and Reform Bill into law, there have been “tremendous” changes in Afghanistan under his direction, which will involve thousands more troops.

Pence assured the crowd that “we are staying in that fight, and we will see it though until the end,” saying that under Trump “the armed forces of the United States will remain engaged in Afghanistan until we eliminate the terrorist threat to our homeland… once and for all.” The Vice President went on to say that he believes victory is close and that “Afghanistan will be free and America will be safe.”

On Easter Sunday of this year, Mike and Karen Pence brought their two daughters with them to have dinner with American and South Korean troops who were celebrating the holiday with their families in Seoul. The trip was part of a 10-day tour of the Asia-Pacific region and the Veep laid a wreath to “honor South Koreans who sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom” before heading to a church on the Yongsan military base for a service. He gave short remarks to the gathered troops about his own father who was involved in the Korean War over 60 years ago and let them know that Trump had asked Pence to be there and that he wanted them all to know that “we’re proud of you and we’re grateful for your service.”

Here’s a two-minute clip of Mike Pence’s presentation to the troops:

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