Military Families And Veterans BURN NFL Gear, Record CLEAR Message For NFL Commissioner [VIDEO]

Military Families And Veterans BURN NFL Gear, Record CLEAR Message For NFL Commissioner [VIDEO]

Military veterans and their families joined together last Sunday to show the NFL exactly what they think of them and their players’ unpatriotic kneeling during the National Anthem. They met at American Legion Post 15 in Mahoning County, OH. There they burned their NFL jerseys, hats and memorabilia as a form of counter-protest to those players taking a knee during our anthem. The league has previously forbidden players to honor those that perished on 9/11, fallen military members and police officers. “To see people disrespect the flag, that people who fought and died and my dad was severely injured is just a disgrace,” Dan Madden, whose father served in the Army, told Fox 8.

Some of the veterans and family members of veterans recorded messages for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. He is considering whether to require players to stand during the National Anthem or not. One by one, they torched jerseys, hats and other memorabilia and recorded their messages. They didn’t leave any doubt at all about how they feel about the NFL’s actions and supporting Black Lives Matter over our nation’s heroes.

Some cheered while this went on, some were choked up over it. Fighting back tears, one female veteran said, “This flag is a symbol: It represents you; it represents me; it represents all of us, not some of us.” Our boys and girls fought, bled and died for that flag, for this country and so these players can play a child’s game and get rich at it. How dare a bunch of spoiled, millionaire athletes disrespect it this way. What an insult to America, her flag, our military, police and first responders. To show a militant racist Black Power fist or to kneel, symbolically dissing the anthem, is just beyond disgraceful. To support that behavior and empower it is even worse.

Many of these players don’t really understand what they are kneeling for or how it is perceived. They think it is about racial injustice and persecution. It’s not, it’s a communist tactic. It’s meant to tell the world that America is unfair and a slave owner. That we are evil and that we are worth overthrowing. The act is racist and radical. It calls for revolution and the death of cops. It aligns with Black Lives Matter who helped Colin Kaepernick start this whole mess. “Our message is not being anti-military, U.S. Army, anything — it’s strictly about social inequality,” said James Burgess, Browns linebacker. He is misled and uninformed. This country is not racist… we are the freest nation on earth and these players are not oppressed. They are being used as useful idiots for chaos and change.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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