Navy May Name Ship After Leftist Icon Cesar Chavez

A free country requires civilian control of the military. Unfortunately, in our times that means top down moonbattery, as exemplified by the possibility that the Navy will name a new cargo ship after Cesar Chavez to pander to left-wing Hispanics.

James Gill, a spokesman for General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego, said Monday the company suggested the name to honor its mostly Hispanic work force and the mostly Hispanic neighborhood, Barrio Logan, where the boat builder is located.

Given the political climate, there’s no reason to think the Navy won’t follow the suggestion. Why would it name the ship after a leftist union activist? Wikipedia explains:

After his death he became a major historical icon for the Latino community, and for liberals generally, symbolizing militant support for workers and for Hispanic power based on grass roots organizing and his slogan “Sí, se puede” (Spanish for “Yes, it is possible” or, roughly, “Yes, it can be done”).

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A slightly looser translation is the meaningless “Yes we can” mantra that swept the Moonbat Messiah into office. In the original Spanish, the incantation is ubiquitous at racially charged illegal alien rallies.

The Navy isn’t there to fight for Hispanic Americans but for all Americans. Yet even in the military, balkanization is forcing its spreading roots into the cracks that are forming in the country’s foundation.

Chavez joins communist executioner Che Guevara and revolutionary/bandit Emiliano Zapata on a wall in San Francisco.

On a tip from Conan. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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