Navy Veteran Has Been Ordered By His HOA To Remove American Flag From Mailbox

Navy Veteran Has Been Ordered By His HOA To Remove American Flag From Mailbox

In what could be considered one of the most frustrating acts committed on American soil, a Navy vet is being told that he needs to remove his American flag mailbox.

In a letter from the Southwood Residential Community Association in Tallahassee, retired U.S. Navy Officer John Ackert was told that he has 15 days to comply with the demand or he would begin facing fines.

“This is a very, very petty thing. All I’m trying to do is display my feeling of patriotism toward America. I spent 30 years in uniform,” he said.

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The HOA determined that the American flag cover violates the rules that protect “aesthetic appeal and property values” in the neighborhood.

So, a veteran can’t have a flag painted on his mailbox because other people may not find it “aesthetically appealing?” I’m sorry, but why do we care what those people think?

The odd thing is that he put the graphic on his mailbox four years ago and it has never been a problem before recently. The only time he changes it is when it fades in the sunlight and he puts a new one on.

Even Ackert’s neighbors are standing up for him.

“They do things like this all the time,” Mike Stephenson said. “I think it’s ridiculous. What’s wrong with being patriotic in the country you live in?”

I’m getting terrible tired of HOAs around the country telling Americans that they can’t put American flags on the mailboxes in front of the houses they are paying for with the money they’ve earned at their jobs. It’s impossibly stupid for someone to tell you what you can and can’t do with your own money and your own property.

But the HOA has harassed Ackert before, asking him to remove a Navy sticker from his window, stickers supporting the special Olympics and stickers supporting police officers.

Methinks he needs to move.

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