Nightmare… ISIS Will Acquire WMDs Says Former Head of British Army’s Nuclear Team [Video]

Nightmare… ISIS Will Acquire WMDs Says Former Head of British Army’s Nuclear Team [Video]

The former head of the British Army’s nuclear team has come out and flatly stated that the Islamic State will either construct or acquire weapons of mass destruction. They already have mustard gas and now they are looking to produce nuclear weapons… dirty bombs, EMPs or full-blown nukes to strike the US and other Western countries with. Why would anyone out there doubt this? Of course the Islamists want nuclear weapons to take out their enemies. And since Russia is currently blasting them in Syria, they will be looking for ways to reassert themselves in other places. I also believe either Russia directly of Russian crime outfits are looking to sell these items to the Jihadists. It makes them money and it kills Americans – it’s a win-win for the Russkies.


From the Sunday Express:

ISLAMIC State will “inevitably” construct or acquire weapons of mass destruction, the former head of the British Army’s nuclear team warns.

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The risk of an improvised nuclear bomb being detonated in a foreign city has “increased substantially” because of tensions with Russia, he claims.

Dr Hamish de Bretton-Gordon said the extremist jihadist group already had chemical weapons such as mustard gas and it is “only a matter of time” before it managed to launch an attack capable of destroying a substantial part of a city.

Bretton-Gordon, who formerly commanded the British Army’s Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) regiment, gave the stark warning as he addressed the Global Resilience conference in London on Thursday.

“Isis have made it known they want to acquire weapons of mass destruction,” he said.

“They run a sophisticated and successful psychological warfare campaign and are now basing that on CBRN weaponry – the ultimate weapon in the terrorist arsenal.”

IS already has control of unenriched uranium from stocks captured from Iraq’s University of Mosul.

“The uranium they have is not weaponised but we know Isis have recruited scientists to develop chemical and nuclear weapons,” he said.

It costs £26million to buy a single kilo of highly enriched uranium, but IS “had the funds” and the inclination.

Dr Bretton-Gordon said that, while cities in Iraq and Moscow were “extremely vulnerable”, Britain was more secure because of the “high quality” of its intelligence services.

The FBI has already foiled four attempts by Russian organised crime gangs to supply radioactive material to jihadist extremists.

Russia racked up tensions recently when it pledged jets to support Syrian government ground troops fighting opposition groups and IS.

Dr Bretton-Gordon added: “The problem is that, for all Vladimir Putin’s bluster, Russia is not very effective militarily.

“Not only is Moscow a target to extremists but its poor performance by its own intelligence agencies, as shown by the fact that it’s the FBI breaking up these attempts in eastern Europe, means the chances of Russian organised crime succeeding are much greater.”

His warnings come as Prime Minister David Cameron announced £5million for the Government’s new Counter Extremism Strategy to tackle extremist ideology and address “the segregation and feelings of alienation that can help provide fertile ground for extremist messages to take root”.

The FBI claims to have foiled four attempts by Russian crime gangs to sell radioactive material to terrorists. That may or may not be true… I assume it is. But my question is, why only four? You can bet there are a lot more than that out there going down. It’s only a matter of time until a city gets hit and hard. People should be prepared for it as much as they can. ISIS has the scientists and the material… they have the time and the money as well. I disagree with the article that Russia is not effective militarily. I believe they are and that Putin is a monstrous threat to the US and the world, just as ISIS is. Just remember, as with Obama, things with Russia are rarely what they seem. One thing is for sure at this rate… something, somewhere is going to go boom in a big way.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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