North Korea Dared To Threaten US Mainland – Air Force Just Responded!

North Korea Dared To Threaten US Mainland – Air Force Just Responded!

Last week, the US sent a clear signal to North Korea and China that we are armed and ready if they intend to really threaten us. Not one, but two, ICBMs were test fired over the Pacific. These were unarmed Minuteman 3 nuclear missiles and they were in response to North Korea conducting nuclear bomb tests and launching so-called ‘satellites’ into orbit. The latest was dubbed “Glory Trip 218.” The missile test was the second this week in a series of tests designed to affirm the technical soundness of the Cold War era Minuteman missiles.

North Korea

From the Conservative Tribune:

The United States flexed its military muscles in the face of North Korea on Thursday when it launch an unarmed Minuteman 3 nuclear missile over the Pacific.

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According to Associated Press, the U.S. Air Force launched the missile in reaction to growing concerns over North Korea’s continued pursuit of developing nuclear weapons capable of reaching American soil and the Asian country’s most recent test launch of its own missile on Jan. 6.

The intercontinental ballistic missile was launched at 11:01 p.m. from an underground bunker on the California coastline and arched high into the sky. About 30 minutes later, the weapon reached its target in the Kwajalein Atoll, an island chain approximately 2,500 miles southwest of Honolulu.

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work stated that the tests also serve the broader purpose of communicating to North Korea and the rest of the world that the US nuclear arsenal is reliable and ready for action at any moment. Let’s hope that is true. “It is a signal to anyone who has nuclear weapons that we are prepared to use nuclear weapons in defense of our country, if necessary,” he said. “We do it to demonstrate that these missiles — even though they’re old — they still remain the most effective, or one of the most effective, missiles in the world.” The NoKos have been acting frisky lately and seem to feel that since extortion worked so well for the Iranians, they should cash in too. I think this test shows that we are not their ATM, at least for the moment. Sooner or later we will have to dance with North Korea. It’s just a matter of time.

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