Obama Disrespected Parents Of Dead Soldiers Before They Were Laid To Rest… [VIDEO]

Obama Disrespected Parents Of Dead Soldiers Before They Were Laid To Rest… [VIDEO]

President Obama does not care about the patriots who die for this country. They are, to him, merely pawns to extract political capital. Case-in-point: despite being asked by a mother to not exploit the death of her son, Obama did it anyway.


From Young Conservatives:

A Gold Star mom who lost her son back in 2009 did an interview recently with CNN, saying Barack Obama came to be with families of the fallen soldiers when they were transported home just for the photo-op.

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Could you put it past him?

The families asked for the photos not to be made public, but Obama did it anyway!

To be precise, Obama “changed the policy on cameras at these events so that he could have photo ops. Here’s when they were debating the issue”…
From New York Times:

As the Pentagon reviews its policy banning cameras from Dover Air Force Base, sentiment among military families appears to be running against allowing the media to witness the return of caskets from Iraq and Afghanistan.
President Obama and Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates said last week that they were reviewing the ban, which has been in place since the first Gulf war in 1991.

Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission, which represents 60,000 families of military personnel, including some who have died, asked its members last week in an e-mail whether they favored keeping the ban or changing it.

From their unscientific survey of about 600 responses, 64 percent say the policy should not be changed; 21 percent say that if the ban is changed, the families should determine media access on a case-by-case basis, and 12 percent say the policy should be changed to allow cameras to photograph the flag-draped caskets.
It happened another time in 2009, as well…

Obama wants it to look like he’s doing the right thing.

That’s all.

Clearly, he’s not, hasn’t, and thankfully, won’t have to anymore come January.

Politics aside, it’s shameful to see that the Commander-in-Chief of our military holds such disdain for those who are under his command.

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