Reflections of Courage: Veterans Lives’ Outside of Uniform Captured in Photo Series

Reflections of Courage: Veterans Lives’ Outside of Uniform Captured in Photo Series

Time served in the military changes a person forever. One photographer captured that in a stunning series of photographs showing the veterans both in uniform and in civilian clothes, resulting in a surprisingly powerful image.


brantley hunt

They fold up their uniforms, bid their colleagues farewell and return home from war.

But for many veterans, their service continues to play a role in their lives long after they regain their civilian status.

Now, a striking photo series has captured the dichotomous existence of men and women who formerly served in the US Army, Navy and Air Force.

The Veteran Vision Project, created by photographer Devin Mitchell, aims to offer veterans the chance ‘to speak without having to say something’.

For each image, Mr Mitchell, a 27-year-old junior at Arizona State University, travels to a former serviceman’s home and takes two pictures.

In one, the male or female subject is dressed in uniform. In the other, they are wearing civilian attire. Then, Mr Mitchell digitally combines the two.

And the results are incredible. In some photos, veterans are beaming joyfully at their reflections, embracing their children and kissing their partners.

In others, the subjects are staring solemnly at their mirror image, clearly struggling to overcome the pain and suffering they encountered in war.

The photos are so touching and poignant because they show how military service can affect so many different people in so many different ways. And for many, the uniform is never really left completely behind.

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