Selective Prosecution: IRS Revokes Non-Profit Status for Veteran’s Who Hosted Trump

Selective Prosecution: IRS Revokes Non-Profit Status for Veteran’s Who Hosted Trump

If it’s a conservative group, the IRS is Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to nailing them for real or perceived violations of the tax code. Obama’s IRS thugs savaged a veteran’s group a mere two days after they had Donald Trump speak on the USS Iowa to raise money for veterans. They were nailed for not filing tax returns for the last three years and possibly for violating campaign finance laws since they endorsed Trump (I highly doubt the second one, but it’s what the liberals are pushing for). You see #BlackLivesMatter and the Nation of Islam doing stuff all the time and they are never, ever touched by the IRS. Double standard much? Media Matters just blatantly does what they please with absolutely no fear of prosecution. There seems to be two sets of laws at play here… one for Progressives and one for conservatives.

Trump Vets

From Gateway Pundit:

The Obama IRS revoked the nonprofit status of a veterans group after the organization sold tickets to a Trump event to raise money for US veterans.

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The group sold tickets to Trump’s speech earlier this week aboard the USS Iowa.

Veterans for a Strong America raised money after selling tickets for up to $1,000 a piece to see Trump speak aboard a retired US battleship.

The Obama IRS acted in less then 2 days after the speech.

Amazing how fast the IRS can move when they want to. Meanwhile, numerous conservative groups are still waiting for their tax exempt status.

The AP reported:

The Internal Revenue Service revoked the nonprofit status of the veterans benefit organization that hosted and sold tickets to a foreign policy speech by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump aboard a retired U.S. battleship, The Associated Press has learned. The group’s endorsement of Trump at the event also could raise legal problems under campaign finance laws.

Trump’s campaign did not respond to questions from the AP about whether it was aware that the IRS had revoked the nonprofit status of the Veterans for a Strong America, which sold tickets to Trump’s event for up to $1,000 as a fundraiser. The IRS issued its decision Aug. 10, citing the group’s failure to file any tax returns for three consecutive years, according to IRS records reviewed by the AP.

The group’s chairman, Joel Arends of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, said the organization was appealing the IRS decision. He would not provide AP with copies of any tax returns, which would show how much money the group has collected over the years and how it spends its money. By law, such records are supposed to be available to the general public for inspection.

Meanwhile, Media Matters and several Democratic front groups maintain their tax exempt status.

It’s like the IRS and other federal agencies are stalking conservatives, just waiting for them to misstep so they can swoop in and arrest and fine them. Not a smidge of corruption at the IRS… no siree. Obama uses federal agencies as attack squads – as enforcement arms and boy, they just couldn’t turn down going after military vets. One commenter pointed out, silly vets… you should have run guns instead or sold baby body parts, then it would have been a-okay. And don’t look for the Progressive GOP to come to the rescue. They never do. Trump may though – he has great lawyers and loves vets. The tyranny of this despotic government just gets worse every day and they fear and hate Donald Trump.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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