My favorite book of all time is The Art of War. It is also a book adored by Mad Dog Mattis. Yesterday, President-elect Donald Trump tapped retired General James Mattis to be his Secretary of Defense. A finer pick would have been impossible to find. Mattis is a legendary figure in the military… he’s a Marine’s Marine. Mattis has served for more than 40 years in the Marines and his service record is the stuff of action movies and heroes. Decorated more times than I can count and quoted even more, General Mattis will restore our military to its former strength and beyond in short order.

The nickname stuck to Mattis following the second battle of Fallujah, the hardest fight of the Iraq War. In a profile about the “confident, jaunty” general in April 2004 from the LA Times, a few months before the battle, they stated this: “Behind his back, troops call him ‘Mad Dog Mattis,’ high praise in Marine culture.” Yes, it is.

The Federalist has an excellent account of serving with General Mattis by Stanton S. Coerr. He recounts encounters with Mattis where the man got him coffee and gave him his seat. These are the actions of a man who loves his men and honors them. Mattis took the time to actually speak to his men and then even more importantly, listen. This is what makes a great leader and it is why those who serve under him are incredibly devoted to Mad Dog Mattis. His legend is more than fighting the enemy, it is supporting his Marines.


From The Federalist:

America knows Gen. James Mattis as a character, Mad Dog Mattis, the font of funny quotes and Chuck Norris-caliber memes. Those of us who served with him know that he is a caring, erudite, warfighting general. We also know that there is a reason he uses the call-sign Chaos: he is a lifelong student of his profession, a devotee of maneuver warfare and Sun Tzu, the sort of guy who wants to win without fighting—to cause chaos among those he would oppose.

To Marines, he is the finest of our tribal elders. The rest of the world, very soon, will know how truly gifted he is. Our friends and allies will be happy he is our new secretary of war; our enemies will soon wish he weren’t.

I worked for Mattis three times: when he was a colonel, a major general, and a lieutenant general. I very much want to work for him again. Here is why.

One of my favorite quotes from Mad Dog Mattis is: “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” Now, that’s a warrior. Mattis shares his warfighting philosophy, vision, goals and expectations with his men. He lays out history, culture, religion and politics, and he sees very clearly not only where they will fight, but how they fit into that fight.

General Mattis is full of energy and focus. As Coerr relates, he’s the sort of guy who walks into a room of Alpha males and is instantly the leader. That’s not something Obama or Clinton could ever relate to… but I have a feeling Trump can. Mattis has a reputation as an ass-kicking, ferocious leader who does not take crap from anyone. This is a man that doesn’t need notes or a teleprompter… all he requires is your attention. Mattis is the very best we have and he’s about to put the fear of the US in every enemy we have out there. Read more on his command here.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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