Soldier Runs Afoul of Pink Fascists

Master Sergeant Nathan Sommers, a decorated 25-year Army veteran, is not a leftist. Under Commander in Chief Barack Hussein Obama, that is a problem:

Sommers’ troubles began last April when he was told to remove pro-Republican, anti-Obama bumper stickers that were on his privately owned car.

The stickers read: “Political Dissent is NOT Racism,” “NOBAMA,” NOPE2012” and “The Road to Bankruptcy is Paved with Ass-Fault.” That sticker included the image of a donkey.

By lawyering up, Sommers was able to avoid an official reprimand over the bumper stickers. But then:

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During the summer months, Sommers came under fire for reading the works of Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and David Limbaugh.

Sommers was reading Limbaugh’s “The Great Destroyer” backstage at a U.S. Army Band concert at the U.S. Capitol. A superior officer told him that he was causing “unit disruption” and was offending other soldiers.

“I wasn’t reading aloud,” he said. “I was just reading privately to myself. I was told they were frowning on that and they warned me that I should not be reading literature like that backstage because it was offensive.”

In another episode, he had been caught backstage reading a copy of Levin’s “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America.”

Sommers said he was told to refrain from reading the book “while in uniform or within sight of anyone from the band.”

Despite his politically incorrect taste in reading material, Sommers was promoted to Master Sergeant. As reported earlier, he enraged higher-ups by serving Chick-fil-A at his promotion party (at private expense). Militant homosexuals had called for a boycott of the company because it is owned by Christians who uphold the sanctity of holy matrimony.

Sommers tightened the noose around his own neck with the following tweets:

“In honor of DADT repeal, and Obama/Holder’s refusal to enforce DOMA act, I’m serving Chick-fil-A at my MSG promo reception for Army today.”

“@Marklevinshow ‘luv ya, Mark! Fellow Virginian & MSG, Army. Being promoted today, serving Chick-fil-A @ reception in honor of DADT repeal.”

Twitter, like all electronic communications in the fundamentally transformed USSA, is closely monitored by the authorities. Brass was not amused.

He was later summoned by a superior officer, who the soldier said is openly gay, and was told that unidentified individuals were offended by the tweets and some considered them to be racist.

Sommers was reprimanded, threatened with judicial action and given a bad efficiency report. An investigation was also launched.

“It’s an obvious attempt to set him up and force him out of the military,” [his lawyer Ret. Navy Commander John Bennett] Wells said. “They recently did an NCO evaluation that effectively torpedoed his chance at promotion and he could be forced out of the Army.”

During the course of their investigation, the military unearthed a tweet from 2010 that included a derogatory word for homosexuals. The soldier admitted that he had retweeted someone else’s original tweet.

Now he’s really in for it. Anyone in the military who draws the ire of the Pink Mafia will be destroyed.

Obviously there will be a devastating effect on recruitment and morale when the military denies soldiers the liberty they are allegedly fighting for, and makes it obvious that their careers will be destroyed if they are found guilty of failing to revere sexual deviance. Our days of having the world’s greatest Armed Forces appear to be numbered.


On tips from Don M, Matt S, Bob Roberts, Matt L, and G. Fox. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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