Special Ops Forces are Paying Thousands of Dollars for Their Own Basic Equipment

Special Ops Forces are Paying Thousands of Dollars for Their Own Basic Equipment

If we’re going to send our troops into harm’s way, then the least we can do is make sure that they’re properly equipped when we do it. Right? Apparently not — the Obama administration has left our special operations troops without the necessary equipment, forcing them to pay for it themselves.

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There is an ongoing problem in the special operations forces community: They lack the basic gear to perform their jobs properly, and as a consequence are spending thousands of their own money to buy it. From helmets and GPS units to medical supplies, our brave men and women in some of the most dangerous jobs on the planet are spending their own hard earned money on basic supplies to do their jobs.

Sean Matson, a former Navy SEAL, CEO of military supply company Matbock, and member of the military’s unofficial civilian-side supply network is working to fix that problem with some members of congress. He can remember from his own service exactly how rough of an impact this was. He had this story to tell Stripes about a ballistics helmet the military measured him 4 times for that never showed up:

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“There was never a clear solution to it, so guys were going out spending $800-$900 on their own ballistic helmet.”

This sentiment was echoed by Aaron Negherbon, the executive director of Troops Direct, a non-profit that sends needed supplied to service members who cant get them from their command.

In the days following the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, he got call from the commander of the Marine Corps Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team being deployed their. He was looking for basic supplies like batteries and sniper equipment. Negherbon said:

“They came to us for…batteries because they didn’t have any of those … It is kind of like, ‘What the heck is going on?’…The question is, why can’t you get this?”

The problems are twofold. Either the higher command doesn’t have the money budgeted or the approved equipment isn’t available from the vendor.

This is a complete travesty. It is unconscionable that these troops could be forced to go into battle without the equipment they need to be successful.

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