As best understood – Sudan’s chief exports are refugees fleeing misery projection, genocide, slavery, intolerance and a super suck of a self imposed 7th century mindset.: 

Since seizing power in a coup d’etat eons past – Sudan’s Field Marshal President For Life Omar Bashir (the world’s only sitting Head of State indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity) has actually been a long time fan of tormenting his own ppl and since June 5th this year has amped up visiting violence within his Sovereignity Dodge proof borders with tons of:

“…aerial bombardments resulting in destruction of property, forced displacement, significant loss of civilian lives, including of women, children, and the elderly; abductions; house-to-house searches; arbitrary arrests and detentions; targeted killings; summary executions; . . . mass graves; systematic destruction of dwellings; and attacks on churches.

Why are the ‘rulers’ of such a chaotic heckhole even still breathing?

Great Satan has long tried the fun friendly way with Sudan – and for whatever reason – the results are a continuing problem from hello.

Goofing off with Bashir and Sudanocide is just asking for trouble in Africa’s biggest nation/state with super fast real time access to 9 diff spots – Pyramidland, Khadaffyville, Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo, Etricea, Uganda, Central African Republic, Chad and Ethiopia. All located near civil war and starvation central: 

44’s admin posse, though well staffed with Sudan experts and anti-genocide activists, has essentially abdicated. It is taking a back seat to the impotent ICC and to the U.N. Mission and its peacekeepers, whose mandate requires a posture of principled neutrality even as Khartoum goes about bombing civilians and manufacturing mass starvation (thus the need to prepare secretly, but then leak, its danging reports).

44’s admin, possibly still not giving up on its promises to give Bashir trade carrots for allowing the South’s secession, also assumes a neutral stance. It does not even muster outrage when Khartoum targets the blue helmets on whom its policy so depends.

Last week, after four U.N. peacekeepers in Southern Kordofan were wounded by landmines and then left to die when the government threatened to shoot down any U.N. helicopters sent to rescue them, Madame Sec HRC issued a short, perfunctory statement expressing “concern.” She urged the governments of both Sudan and South Sudan “to fulfill their agreement to withdraw their forces immediately from the Abyei area, and to allow full and unrestricted access to UNISFA [U.N. Interim Security Force in Abyei] personnel.”

This mild statement no doubt gives Bashir succor, with its implication that Great Satan. lays equal blame on the aggressor and the defender. Be braced for spreading conflict and staggering numbers of innocent victims.

The wizened warning warners wring their you know what grippers in a shockingly inappropriate display of pining away for the ancient fast twilighting ‘Westphalian Era” with incorrect and boring asseted pontification RE: Force First.

“Courtney! Military force DOES NOT constitute a strategy for dealing with an adversary; rather, force must be accompanied by a whole-of-government approach that includes robust diplomacy and development components. Force alone is risky and potentially escalatory, with little promise of resolution.”

Yessir, getting all combatty is indeed full of fear, and the potentiality for sexcalating combat ops is off the chain y’all!: 

So what?: 

That is exactly the signal Great Satan should be signaling without delay, modesty or restraint in Field Marshal President For Life Omar Bashir’s gigantic fiefdom of Sudan.

Annihilating the highest levels of the regime, all their precious assets, longtime fanboys and new found friends – capturing the world’s only sitting Head of State indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity (dead – just as good, nicht wahr?) over a long weekend blizzard of precision guided weaponry: 

Oh! It’s true bay bee! In such a hap hap happy slash awesome event – in the ruins – someone much worse could rise up, seize the reigns of power.

That is actually a good thing.

Mainly cause someone much worse will have much to contemplate about modern statecraft, R2P clause and Great Satan’s intolerance for state sponsored genocide as they shovel over multiple smoking craters of their recently departed misguided ex leaders.

Pic – “Take military action against Khartoum right now”

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