Texas Soldier Stops, Stands, And Salutes Funeral Of Fellow Veteran…In The Rain [VIDEO]

Texas Soldier Stops, Stands, And Salutes Funeral Of Fellow Veteran…In The Rain [VIDEO]

America is full of heroes. They are the folks who serve in uniform to protect our freedom. And they share a bond with one another that can never be broken. One young soldier stationed at Fort Hood, TX, showed just how strong that bond really is when he stopped in a rainstorm to salute a fallen fellow soldier whose funeral procession was passing by.

Construction Engineering soldier Kenneth Varnes was driving on Highway 195 in Killeen, TX and based on the flags, he knew the funeral was for a brother or sister in arms. And so he decided to pay his respects by standing outside in the rain in full salute for the entire length of the procession.

The young man’s father was proud to remark:

The US Department of Veteran’s Affairs also noted the gesture on its Facebook page, saying “With a long line of patrol cars and vehicles with American flags hanging from their side windows, Kenneth Varnes, a Fort Hood soldier, knew it must be for a fallen Veteran. It was pouring rain and the sky roared with thunder, but Varnes felt compelled to do something.”

America is blessed to have men like Varnes serving our country. Many thanks for your service.

See video below:


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