Third Accused Navy Seal Court Martial Starts Today

Please keep Matthew McCabe in your thoughts. Today begins his court martial trial. From Support Seals:

Matthew McCabe’s trial date is currently set to begin Monday, May 3, 2010 at Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, VA. Just this past week in separate trials at Camp Victory in Iraq, SO1 Julio Huertas and SO2 Jonathan Keefe were both found not guilty of the military charges that were brought against them which included dereliction of duty and falsifying statements / impending an investigation.

If McCabe’s case is not thrown out before Monday, May 3, we will be showing our support for all 3 SEALs on, or around that day by putting on “Support Our SEALs” rallies all across the nation.

Here is a list of the upcoming ”Support Our SEALs” rallies. You can get more details and RSVP for a particular event by clicking on the title.

There are rallies scheduled for Matthew across the country. Go to the link to find a group near you.

Also, remember, these are the guys being harassed by the administration for “roughing up” a terrorist. He got punched in the face or something. He’s lucky to be living.

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