TRUTH is Revealed About the Paris Bomber – They’re Hiding This

TRUTH is Revealed About the Paris Bomber – They’re Hiding This

This is exactly how you commit national suicide. Virtually every refugee is given travel papers in Greece, which is the gateway to Europe for these invaders. No one is asked for ID, no one is detained, no one is suspected or profiled. They are welcoming terrorists with open arms, which is what I have said from the beginning. ISIS recognized the weakness and is exploiting it to invade Europe and carry out deadly terrorist attacks in coordinated asymmetrical warfare. It doesn’t take a military genius to see what they are doing. Europe is now screaming they need more security and some are trying to close their borders. I believe it is too late. Many have already entered and are now there. The leaders in Europe have betrayed their people and their countries. It gives treason a whole new meaning.


From the Daily Mail:

The deadly suicide bomb suspect who sneaked into Europe posing as a Syrian refugee was not stopped on a Greek island because every arrival is given travel papers to continue their journey, officials admitted last night.

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Documents show how the man was arrested on Leros after being saved from a sinking raft filled with migrants, but was let go and given a permit allowing him to get a ferry to mainland Europe.

The shocking ease with which potential terrorists are able to travel across Europe has sparked a renewed debate about the European Union’s open borders policy.

The suspected suicide bomber reached Greece after crossing the Aegean from Turkey on a raft with 198 others.
The 25-year-old claimed asylum using a suspected fake passport in the name of Ahmad Almohammad.

He was arrested but released and given papers so he could travel to Athens because officers believed he was a genuine refugee.

He was then able to travel through the Balkans, passing through checkpoints in Serbia and Croatia, before heading for Northern Europe.

Greece identified him after the passport he used was found near the body of one of the gang near the Stade de France attack site.

The French have not confirmed the refugee connection but Greece’s migration minister, Yannis Mouzalas, last night said ‘Almohammad’ was presumed to be a terrorist.

More than 500 people are landing on a daily basis on Leros, which is just seven miles from Turkey.

But officials have told the Mail the handing out of travel documents means ‘every one’ is able to pass on to Athens regardless of whether they are a genuine refugee.

Greece said the man using the Syrian passport in the name of Almohammad arrived with a boatload of migrants on October 3.

They released a mugshot of the man that was taken as he registered with guards on the quayside, claiming he was a refugee.

Authorities arrested him – as is routine for all arrivals – but the next day he was told he would not be prosecuted he booked a ferry ticket to Athens.

He later stopped in both Serbia and Croatia, but was allowed to continue unimpeded because officials said they had no reason to suspect him.

A spokesman for the Croatian interior ministry said: ‘There was no record about him at the time of registration and there was no reason for us to stop him.

‘We did not label him as potentially suspicious.’

The Serbians said they found no record of any Interpol warrant in his name, so did not detain him.

Last night the mayor of Leros warned the whole of Europe should be fearful about the possibility of more atrocities being conducted by jihadists entering the continent among the crowds of migrants.

Mihalis Kolias told the Mail: ‘It’s more than dangerous for all of Europe. So many people are passing through our island and now we know amongst them are terrorists. This is a big problem for Europe. We must have more security.

‘Most people say “I’ve lost my papers, I’m from Syria”, but nobody knows if they are telling the truth.’

Each week thousands of refugees land on neighbouring Farmakonisi before they are picked up by the Greek coastguard and taken to the largest town on Leros, Lakki.

Humanitarian aid workers and island officials last night confirmed every arrival was given documents permitting onward travel no matter what their circumstances.

When asked how many of the migrants coming to the island are issued the papers, Mr Kolias said: ‘Everyone.’

He said people believed to be from Syria are given documents allowing them to travel through Greece for six months, while others who would not be expected to get asylum if they applied, get papers for 30 days.

A humanitarian worker volunteering in the camp next to the quay in Lakki replied ‘That does not happen’ when asked whether refugees were ever refused papers.

A group of around 40 people claiming to have fled from Afghanistan were last night due to leave the island on a ferry for Athens despite not being able to prove where they came from.

One of the men said they had received travel permits despite not having identification such as passports.

Mr Kolias said there has been a ‘minimum of 500’ people coming daily to the island, which has a population of 8,000.

Last week a strike by ferry workers meant more than 4,000 migrants were camped in Lakki.

This is sheer insanity. So many are flooding in that they just want to get rid of them and are thereby aiding terrorist infiltration. Over 500 a day arrive in Greece alone. Millions are flooding in. Just what does everyone expect to happen? The Paris attacks are just the beginning. As people die and chaos ensues, people will claim they could not have seen this coming or prevented it. Bull crap. Many of us were saying this was going to happen long before it took place. France is now bombing Raqqah – 20 bombs on targets the US provided them using our smart bombs. That’s not anywhere near enough. 150 raids are being conducted in France and Belgium today, but there is not a chance in hell they will catch all of them. France is warning of more attacks on their country and Europe. Washington, DC and New York are also being named as targets. Things are about to get very interesting for the world.





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