The Truth! Veteran Claims Trump Using ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ Shows He Actually CARES About Our Troops! [VIDEO]

The Truth! Veteran Claims Trump Using ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ Shows He Actually CARES About Our Troops! [VIDEO]

Appearing on Fox News Friday, Retired Marine Staff Sergeant Johnny “Joey” Jones made no bones about the fact that he wished that President Trump had been at the helm when he was deployed as a bomb tech. This heroic veteran lost both legs in an explosion on the job that didn’t need to happen if the military had the authority from the Commander-in-Chief to do what was necessary to handle the situation before anyone was hurt or injured. But the previous administration was far more concerned with headlines and appeasement than protecting our troops or taking decisive action to neutralize the enemy.

And by way of expressing his regret for the past and his support for Trump, Jones tweeted out; “I lost my legs because my gov’t was afraid to use the tools they had and saw me as expendable. I wish I’d had this admin.”

Jones says in the interview with Jenna Lee, “Well this is an issue I’m really personally connected to. The tweet very specifically and carefully starts out with ‘I lost my legs because’ and the story behind that is that I was a bomb tech, my job was to go in and take apart bombs, I loved doing it. I miss it every day, but the actual operation I was injured on was a ghost town, where people had stockpiled enemy, well the enemy had stockpiled components to build IEDs with, and what we were trying to do was neutralize those IED components.”

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“We made the decision to go into that town after it was vacated by civilians and mostly enemy and render safe IEDs in order to neutralize that. And we recommended to our superiors that we could drop bombs strategically or use ordnance even artillery to neutralize that threat but at the time, you know that headline, ‘U.S. drops bombs,’ or ‘U.S. fires artillery’ just wasn’t worth it.”

“I guess risking us was, that’s how I feel, that’s how we felt then and I believe that this action with the MOAB, I think is a pretty strong statement. Y’know the MOAB is a statement bomb, in my opinion, in this case, and it says that we’re going to do what we need to, and we’re going to keep our guys and gals safe.”

He continued, “Well, we were allowed to kind of request a list of recommendations prior to us going in on foot and doing this by hand,” he added. “None of them were approved until later on, actually until after I was injured and another person was killed, another Marine was killed.”

“They landed on this piece of ordnance, something that we know would create headlines as the best way to operationally and tactically neutralize this threat,” he concluded, “shows us that those perceptions or those considerations that perhaps were plaguing us in years past don’t take precedent today, and if this is an administration that is allowing that, then I applaud them.”

It does indeed look like we finally have a President who puts America first and looks to defeat our enemies and keep our military personnel safe. Our thanks for your courageous service Staff Sergeant Jones. May you be blessed and continue your brave fight for truth and freedom on the air and elsewhere. You are a credit to our nation.

See video below.

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