U.S Marine DENIED Access To His High School’s Graduation Ceremony Because Of His Uniform

U.S Marine DENIED Access To His High School’s Graduation Ceremony Because Of His Uniform

At an Indiana High School, a U.S. Marine who graduated early to attend boot camp is being refused his request to wear his dress blues uniform to his graduation. Pfc. Jacob Stanley finished at Crown Point High School in December, but his Principal Chip Pettit has told Stanley that he must instead wear his dress cap and gown. When he showed up wearing his dress blues, he was turned away and his name was not read out alongside his fellow graduates.

Principal Chip Pettit spoke to a local station, WMAQ-TV, and said that “we are forever grateful for the sacrifices that [the military] make on a daily basis for our freedom, but stood his ground on the traditional cap-and-gown.

“This tradition is not intended to be disrespectful to students, parents, or our community, but as a source of pride for our students,” Pettit told the station. “It is also not intended to be disrespectful to our students choosing to serve in the military, our active duty servicemen and women, and our veterans.”

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A student from the school, Leann Tustion, said that the decision to reject the dress blues is “unacceptable” and “absolutely ridiculous,” because Stanley is “in the military putting his life on the line for us.” Leann said that other students were “outraged” as well. When interviewing Jessica Janda, another student at the school, she said that it is “despicable that he wasn’t allowed to wear his uniform.”

When Sgt. Tyler Mitchell, a public affairs representative for the Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Indianapolis was asked for his input, he told WMAQ-TV that the Marines are proud to have Stanley and they appreciate his pride in the uniform, but that they “also recognize that there are policies in place which outline graduation dress codes and the appropriate wear of Marine Corps uniforms when in public.” He explained that high school graduations are academically focused and that the decision to disallow outside uniforms during graduation is at the discretion of the school itself.

Meanwhile at the nearby Hobart High School, which is in a different district with different rules, they allowed a student to attend graduation in her Marine uniform just last week.

h/t The Blaze.

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