US Marine Maj. Taj Sareen Makes the Ultimate Heroic Choice… Saves 100’s & Sacrifices Himself

US Marine Maj. Taj Sareen Makes the Ultimate Heroic Choice… Saves 100’s & Sacrifices Himself

Marine Corps pilot Marjor Taj Sareen did what a hero does… he gave up his life to save others. As his plane was failing him and getting ready to crash, Sareen had a decision to make. He could eject and save himself, or steer the plane away as it crashed, saving hundreds of civilians living in the English countryside below. He chose to save all those people over himself. That’s what a true hero looks like. It wasn’t in the news much, but Sareen was a larger than life hero who lived up to being part of the Marines by doing the hard thing, the right thing. He deserves to be honored and remembered for the incredible man and Marine that he was. He’s an inspiration.

U.S. Marine Maj. Taj Sareen

From American News:

American Marine Corps pilot Major Taj Sareen had a decision to make as his plane failed him.

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What he did deserves America’s upmost respect. He is a true hero.

His plane was going straight for civilian territory along the English countryside. He had time to either eject, and live, or steer away from the civilians and crash with is plane.

I think you can guess what his choice was.

“Karen Miles-Holdaway, who witnessed the crash from her backyard, told the Watton & Swaffham Times that the pilot appeared to purposely steer away from the houses before the jet crashed.” – Free Beacon

The courageous people that serve our country deserve our respect, and much more.

This man was a hero and a true patriot. What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of this man?

Sareen died after his F-18C Hornet crashed near Royal Air Force Lakenheath in England. He ejected at the last moment, but did not make it. All those people he saved owe their lives to that Marine and they know it and honor him. The F-18 belonged to Marine Attack Fighter Squadron 232, which was stationed at Miramar. The squadron was part of Operation Inherent Resolve and was carrying out airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIL and ISIS). Sareen was from San Francisco and this was his third deployment. His family is devastated – Sareen said he would be back in two days and now his father says he will wait out those two days forever. My heart goes out to his family. Sareen will truly be missed.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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