U.S. Marines Post BRUTAL Message That Sends Terrorists Running For Cover… Share This

U.S. Marines Post BRUTAL Message That Sends Terrorists Running For Cover… Share This

The radical Islamic jihadists love to issue threats to those they hate, sending the intimidating message of “convert or die” to those they deem to be infidels.I guess that Islamic terrorists like to dish out threats, but when they come back their way, they don’t feel quite so cozy anymore. Too bad, so sad:


Most recently the Islamic State group has seemingly perfected the art of threatening propaganda, even putting out “hit lists” of their potential targets.

But even America’s old, yet still dangerous nemesis Al Qaeda is no stranger to issuing threats about what they may do to any non-believers they come across.

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While the messages these jihadists send can be frightening, there is one group of Americans who aren’t intimidated at all, our men and woman in uniform, and perhaps most notably the U.S. Marine Corps.

According to YourNation.org, the Marine Corps has sent their own intimidating message right back at the radical jihadists, displayed on billboards across America so that everyone is aware of what they intend to do.

The billboards read, “It’s God’s job to judge the terrorists… It’s our mission to arrange the meeting!”

This simple message proves that our men and women in uniform don’t hate the terrorists they fight, but only seek to serve justice upon them by hastening their appearance in front of the ultimate judge.

Honestly, what could be more American than that? After all, the Sixth Amendment to our own Constitution demands that all those accused of wrongdoing be granted a speedy trial.

The Marines seeking to expedite these jihadists’ appearance before the ultimate judge are really just trying to extend our own Constitutional rights to those who wish to kill us… or so we might argue just to irritate a whiny liberal.

As a mom that has a recently committed 17-year-old joining the United States Marine Corps, I cannot think of a sign that makes me prouder and more happy that my son has chosen this honorable path. Go get ’em, boys, and by the way, OO-RAH!

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