US Troops Give Hillary a RUDE Wake Up Call!

US Troops Give Hillary a RUDE Wake Up Call!

The military arguably has the most invested in who becomes the next Commander in Chief, so when they talk, we listen.


From Western Journalism:

The men and women who would be sent to fight for their country in the next administration would prefer to march under the orders of Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton, according to a Military Times survey.

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However, many would also prefer not to have had to choose between the two and up to 20 percent may note vote at all given the choices they face.

The survey showed that 54 percent of active duty military personnel said they would vote for Trump, the Republican nominee, while only 25 percent would vote for Clinton, the Democratic front-runner. In a Trump-Clinton matchup, 21 percent said they would not vote at all.

Military Times surveyed troops on a number of different matchups. In a contest between Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders, Trump was preferred 51 percent versus 38 percent, with 10 percent not planning to vote.

In breaking down the results, Military Times found Democrats favored Clinton, 72 percent to 8 percent, while Republicans favored Trump, 82 percent to 6 percent. Female troops preferred Clinton 51 percent to 24 percent, while male troops backed Trump, 57 percent to 22 percent.

Officers favored Trump 46 percent to 32 percent, while enlisted personnel favored Trump 58 percent to 21 percent. Trump had his greatest support among the Marines surveyed (60 percent) while Clinton’s greatest support (31 percent) came from naval personnel

Some of those surveyed shared their concerns about the choices they face.

“The candidates left just don’t understand the military,” said Army Capt. Christian Pardo, who said he would not vote for either Clinton or Trump. “The military perspective on some of their policies are just so far out there.”

“I really don’t understand how a better candidate didn’t jump into the race,” said Air Force 1st Lt. Tyler Livingston. “I was hoping we’d see something else.”

Does this influence your decision?

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