Veteran Savagely DRAGGED Out of Air Force Ceremony for Mentioning God [VIDEO]

Veteran Savagely DRAGGED Out of Air Force Ceremony for Mentioning God [VIDEO]

A Veteran started to offer traditional remarks during a military flag-folding ceremony and to his surprise several uniformed airmen assaulted him. Dragging him across the way and out of the room all due to his remarks on God. Now, the lawyers representing this disrespected retired Senior Master Sergeant, Oscar Rodriguez, are demanding that he receive an apology and that the men involved in assaulting him are punished…

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From Breitbart:

The video is a pretty powerful one, that I believe can stand alone, without too much introduction. Warning: this video may be upsetting for some.

First Liberty Institute has set up a website showing the videos and legal documents. First Liberty has also set up a separate website,, where Americans can sign a letter expressing their support.

Speaking exclusively with Breitbart News over the weekend, Berry further added, “Americans should be outraged at seeing uniformed military personnel drag away a decorated veteran who is honoring his friend, simply because he invoked God’s blessing with traditional remarks.”

“The Constitution condemns such authoritarian censorship,” he declared.

This should sicken every true American. Literally. It has me. This is deeply disturbing to witness. No veteran deserves this type of treatment. Especially from those he should be able to call his brothers.

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