VIDEO OF DICK CHENEY UNLEASHED: CIA Deserves Credit Because We Asked Them To “Catch [email protected] who killed 3k Americans”

Dick Cheney didn’t pull ANY punches talking about the partisan “torture report” released by the Democrats. He said we asked the CIA to “Catch (the) [email protected] who killed 3k Americans” and THEY DID.


In an exclusive “Special Report” interview, Cheney called the report “a terrible piece of work” which is “deeply flawed.”

Cheney discussed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, explaining, “He [was] in our possession, we know he’s the architect, and what are we supposed to do? Kiss him on both cheeks and say ‘Please, please, tell us what you know?’ Of course not. We did exactly what needed to be done in order to catch those who were guilty in 9/11 and to prevent a further attack and we were successful on both parts.”

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Bret Baier countered, “This report says it was not successful.”

“The report is full of crap,” Cheney told him.

Cheney said that he supported the program and would do it all again in a minute.

“Three-thousand Americans died on 9/11 because of what these guys did, and I have no sympathy for them,” he said.

I agree with Dick Cheney.

Nothing we did to those terrorists was torture and after what they did, no apologies, no qualms; they deserved it all ten times over.

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