VIDEO: ISIS Suicide Bombers Defecting in Droves as Foreign Jihadists Get Cold Feet and Abandon Their Missions

I’m always up for a radical Islamist blowing himself to smithereens for absolutely nothing. Good times. After reveling in the happiness of the event though, I have grave doubts that the report of foreign suicide bombers trying to defect in droves means the end of ISIS. I actually believe this has always been the case. ISIS simply executes them if they get cold feet – they are disposable… expendable. I am sure the Jordanians are taking some of the extremists out, along with the accidental bombing by the US. However, ISIS is not so easily dispatched and there is a lot of boisterous bragging going on out there. The proof will be in the advance or not of the Caliphate.

Suicide bomber (arrow) emerges from behind a wall and chases coalition vehicle.

From Viral Buzz:

The anti-ISIS activist group, Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, has reportedly documented numerous sightings of ISIS suicide bombers abandoning their missions and defecting to other groups.

One possible explanation for their reactions and defections has been presented here.

ISIS was recently defeated in an important battle over the northern Syrian town of Kobane.

One of its primary tactics in the battle was the extensive use of suicide bombers, which turned out to be a lost cause as anti-ISIS forces overtook the terrorist group in the battle.

Accelerated assaults on ISIS from Coalition and Jordanian air strikes has thinned the ranks of ISIS experienced command team.

Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently also reports that ISIS has set up road blocks to prevent suicide bombers from defecting. According to RIBSS spokesman, Abu Mohammed, “There is great tension in Raqqa city, where IS group suffered many defections in the past few days, a source from within IS has confirmed that most of defections are from suicide bombers, where these defections are considered a painful blow to the group.”

If caught trying to escape, deserters are summarily executed, as an example to those possibly harboring thoughts of aborting their mission.

ISIS leaders generally designate foreign jihadists as suicide bombers when they join ISIS. Usually, foreign jihadi volunteers have little to no military experience, requiring much training, and are of little military value to ISIS. They do present a body, which, along with their idealistic zealotry of the moment, makes them the perfect candidate for a suicide bomber.

When the volunteer jihadists realize they’re about to be sent to Jannah (heaven), they begin to get cold feet about their mission. At least three British and one American jihadi have been known to follow through with their missions.

Here is a video of an ISIS suicide bomber pursuing two Iraqi soldiers who realizes he can’t catch up with them, so he detonates himself.

ISIS is brutal within their ranks. Weakness or cowardice is not tolerated and is met with extreme punishment. The kind you don’t live through. Unless a miracle occurs, the Kurd’s victory at Kobane is temporary. They are surrounded. Perhaps with the help of the Jordanians they may have a chance. But this mass propaganda stating bluntly that ISIS is finished is overblown, over optimistic and foolishly naive. Never underestimate the perseverance of a tenacious enemy such as ISIS. They are not afraid of death and live for an insane theological mandate. War and religion make for a deadly combination.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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