[VIDEO] What The U.S. Navy’s First Laser Weapon Can Do To America’s Enemies – The Future Is Here

[VIDEO] What The U.S. Navy’s First Laser Weapon Can Do To America’s Enemies – The Future Is Here

The advance that the U.S. Navy just made in weapons technology seems like something out of a science fiction novel. For the first time in history, an advanced energy weapons system is a reality. This is a cheap, awesome way for the military to do pretty much whatever they need to take care of business:


According to Time:
The Navy’s laser weapon system—LaWS, in sea-service jargon—was fired from the USS Ponce, a one-time amphibious ship that was converted to an “afloat forward staging base” in 2012 and assigned to the 5th Fleet in Bahrain. Firing a laser from the surface of the Persian Gulf is challenging because heat, humidity, dust and salt water can reduce its power.
Navy officers say the weapon’s power is adjustable, ranging from distract to disable to destroy.
Taxpayers may also have a reason to rejoice: While a drone missile costs about $70,000 each, firing the laser doesn’t cost more than a couple quarters. What makes the laser even more lethal and efficient is its ability to hit a target much quicker than a missile.
Our enemies better take note that when it comes to America’s national security…our military is way ahead of the curve.
But the only thing that makes that possible is our relatively strong economy, and our commitment to developing in science and technology. Should that waiver, our enemies will have no problem playing catch-up.

Pretty badass stuff, if you ask me:


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