[VIDEO] Watch This New US Weapon: The Rail Gun Makes Our Enemies Cower in Fear

Everyone keeps saying that lasers or high powered nukes are the weapon of the future. But the Navy has come up with a simpler–AND cheaper–weapon: the rail gun. It is a weapon that should make our enemies cower in fear at the awesome power of the US of A.

Here is what the Navy projects that a ship armed with a rail gun will look like…

The rail gun shoots a projectile that travels at seven times the speed of sound. That means it could travel from Washington to Philadelphia in three minutes.

And it’s much cheaper to fire than conventional weapons. With “bullets” (if that is what we can call them) that cost 1/1000th of what explosive ordnance cost, this is a very cheap battlefield alternative.

And at the speed its projectiles travel it makes mincemeat of practically everything it hits.

Check out this amazing video…

Warner Todd Huston

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