Waffle House Refuses to Serve Uniformed Soldier – THIS Will Make You Sick

Waffle House Refuses to Serve Uniformed Soldier – THIS Will Make You Sick

Anti-gun nuts continue to behave in ways that behave all logic and reason. Case in point: a Kentucky Waffle House denied service a guardsman because, while in uniform, he was carrying his gun.

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A soldier with the U.S. Army National Guard was denied service at a Kentucky Waffle House on Sunday for carrying his firearm, witnesses said.

Billy Welch was booted soon after he entered the restaurant in Nicholasville — about 15 miles south of Lexington — in full uniform with his firearm at his side on Sept. 26.

A waitress told him he would have to leave his firearm outside if he wanted to eat at the restaurant, according to what one witness posted to his friends on Facebook.

Welch told the staff he did not feel comfortable removing his firearm and that he always keeps it with him.

“You know, if I can’t have my firearm, then I can’t be here,” Welch later told WLEX-TV.

“I walked inside to the other waitress. I said, ‘thank you, but no thank you ma’am. I’m gonna have to leave.'”

The witness, Micaela Shaw, told the news station that she just wanted to stand up for the soldier.

“I have a bunch of family members and friends who have been active military and in the military and retired and it hurts my feelings when people disrespect them,” Shaw said.

The local restaurant said in a statement: “For many years we have had a ‘no firearms’ policy in place in our restaurants.

“We are well aware that different people and businesses have varying opinions regarding this issue, and we respect the right of all to have different opinions. However, we continue to believe this is the best policy for the safety of our customers and associates.”

Sure, no guns is the safest policy for their customers and associates… unless and until someone starts shooting up the place, in which case the very first thing they’ll do is call for people with guns to come and save them. Regardless, in this case, it was a uniformed member of the military, not an average guy in civilian clothes — so to Waffle House, apparently our troops are not trustworthy. How do people live with such idiocy in their brains each day and still be able to function?

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