When THESE Men Laugh At Soldier Memorial, This Guard Set’s Them Straight [VIDEO]

When THESE Men Laugh At Soldier Memorial, This Guard Set’s Them Straight [VIDEO]

You’d think the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier would be the one place that visitors could maintain a level of silence. Most visitors are more than happy to appreciate the moment while quietly reflecting on the sacrifice and impact of war, but now whenever a crowd forgets themselves, we get to enjoy a soldier tell them off, very loudly.

As explained by Wikipedia, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (or the Tomb of the Unknowns) is in Arlington National Cemetary in Virginia and was built in 1921 to house the remains of an unknown American serviceman killed in Europe.

The soldier “walking the mat” does not wear rank insignia, so as not to outrank the Unknowns, whatever their ranks may have been. Non-commissioned officers (usually the Relief Commander and Assistant Relief Commanders), do wear insignia of their rank when changing the guard only. They have a separate uniform (without rank) that is worn when they actually guard the Unknowns or are “posted.”

The duties of the sentinels are not purely ceremonial. The sentinels will confront people who cross the barriers at the tomb or who are disrespectful or loud.

This isn’t the first time a soldier on duty has yelled at a loud crowd for being disrespectful. Here’s one video showing how the on-duty soldier will react:

As for this video, the comment section was reported in I Have The Truth:

Hundreds of people have shared their reactions to the moment in the comments. Here are some of the most popular responses:

Well done. People, that place is a place of honor and respect, treat it as such.”

“Off duty he would’ve knocked them the f*** out.”

“Good for him, people just dont have any respect anymore”

“as a great man said “manners maketh man” that guard has got both manners and respect from all who were there.”

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