Young Black Amtrak Worker Sets The Bar HIGH – Shows Every American How To Treat WWII Veteran [VIDEO]

Young Black Amtrak Worker Sets The Bar HIGH – Shows Every American How To Treat WWII Veteran [VIDEO]

We owe the Greatest Generation a tremendous debt of gratitude. As they get older and older, we have an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to showing our appreciation. One Amtrak worker saw such an opportunity and took the time to show his appreciation for a 99 year-old WWII veteran. Thankfully, the experience was caught on video.


Late at night, in New York’s Penn Station, a beautiful thing happened.

A young Amtrak worker noticed an old man in the line, queueing for the last train out of New York. That man had a hat on which read: USN (United States Navy) Armed Services, WWII Veteran.

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The 99-year-old man, whose name is Ed, is mostly deaf and had a sign around his neck stating so. He was quietly waiting on a train bound for his hometown of Baltimore.

The young train operator, whose name is Dwayne, moved Ed to the front of the line. Dwayne exclaimed how honored he was to have Ed riding his train and began to call co-workers over to shake his hand.

Dwayne then led the station in a round of applause that even Ed could hear, before telling him, “Man, thank you so much. You paved the way for me.”

After honoring him in front of the entire station, Dwayne escorted Ed onto the train personally, ahead of all other passengers.

Just a beautiful thing to see, in a world that could use a little more beauty.

This is the kind of thing that can help restore one’s faith in our country and this generation.

Thank God for Ed and thank God for men like Dwayne who are willing to do more than talk when it comes to appreciating our veterans.



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