Sonic CEO Makes SHOCKING Announcement – Blames Minimum Wage HIKE!

Sonic CEO Makes SHOCKING Announcement – Blames Minimum Wage HIKE!

Somehow in New York and California they didn’t get the brutal fact that when Seattle raised their minimum wage to $15 an hour, businesses bailed en masse, people were laid off and no one could afford to eat out anymore. In fact, it dominoes through the whole economic model. Seattle is now regretting their stupidity, but California and New York are hurrying to jump off the same cliff. Sonic’s CEO came out and bluntly stated that now fast food will cost more… a lot more. Along with laying people off, look for fast food outlets to automate. It’s far cheaper, makes people happier and is a hell of a lot more reliable. Those demanding $15 an hour are going to wind up with nothing an hour over this. Careful what you wish for, you just might get it. And in ways you never thought of. California and New York have now both signed this mandate into law.


From the Conservative Tribune:

We have all witnessed the ludicrous and economically illiterate protesters that are demanding a $15 per hour minimum wage. These protesters have actually succeeded in having their demands met by some liberal-dominated cities like Seattle and Los Angeles.

Making matters worse, the California legislature is actually considering mandating the $15 minimum wage statewide, which will only drive another nail into the coffin of the once-Golden State’s murdered economy, chasing away the few remaining small business owners left with any sense.

But before those protesters and low-skilled workers start celebrating their good fortune and victory too jubilantly, they should realize that as their wages are increased, so too will the prices of the things they buy increase as well.

Sonic CEO Clifford Hudson said that if the minimum wage for entry-level unskilled workers is raised, most of the restaurants in his corporation will be forced to increase the price of menu items simply to stay in business. Actions have consequences. Welcome to the $10 burger. And let’s not forget all the jobs that will never be created because there simply aren’t enough resources. Hudson’s warning of rising prices in response to an increased minimum wage is not confined to the restaurant industry either. The economic domino effect will be in play as prices across virtually all industries will rise in relation to the minimum wage, leaving minimum wage workers right where they started with no further purchasing power than they had before. These liberals are deeply stupid. They don’t even have the most basic grasp of economics. Thus, you see insanity like this instead of letting the free market determine wages and pricing. The entitlement mentality reigns supreme. Off the cliff we go.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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